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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 18-19th 2009 Volunteer Work Weekend Biggest Ever

Our 6th Volunteer Weekend was a huge a Success. Thank you volunteers! We set a new attendance record with 42! We set a new record for folks staying the night and working into Sunday afternoon with 16, and we set a record with 5 future Segowea campers in attendance. Collectively we raked the swim area, continued painting the inside of the cabins, moved and combined bunkbeds in them, raked and moved leaves, cleaned, swept, and moved tables around the lodge, began cleaning the loft and sorted program supplies, moved boats out of the lodge and off the porch, cut brush between the parade field and cabins, stuffed mattresses into new covers and moved them into cabins, organized maintenance supplies and tools in Keller Cabin, the Estate, and cleaned the Nature Lodge before filling it with program supplies from the main lodge.
We still have a bit left to do to get camp ready before the big reunion on Saturday-Sunday August 8th-9th. Many of you have offered to come help us on Friday August 7th to put the finishing touches on our set up. We can certainly use all the help and volunteers we can get for this, so please come and spread the word to others to join us if they are interested and able. Please rsvp to Toby Hettler at or 518 656-9462 ext 6632.

Also, if you plan to attend the reunion itself and have not yet rsvp'ed to me directly, please do so. We are up to over 70 and counting and are expecting to be well over 100 by the event itself.

L-R: Brandon O'Brien, Mike Bruns, Clinton McCabe, Rich Snyder, Catherine McCabe, Sarah and Otavio Perks, Sarah Mercogliano, Ted Becker, Jennifer Moore (Fogel), Elisha Mittleman, Amy McPheeters, Fran and Emma Carivan, Liz Carivan, Katie Hussey, Minna Prisco, Josh, Lisa, and Adam Perks, and Toby Hettler. Also in attendance this weekend but not in the photo were alumni: Shannon Eidel, Damien Buono, Laura Cullen, Mark McCandlish and wife Barbara Brown, Tom, Steph, and Wesley Harvey, Shannon and Eliot Hettler, Richard Thomas, Segowea friends Liza Ruzer and Sarah Herold, Darlene Ward, Nancy Ost, Tom McPheeters, John Fisher, John Dunn, Jeff Raymond and George Painter. Thank you again to all for sharing your time and energy with us.
Camp Executive Director George Painter listens to alumnus Mark McCandlish share stories of the old days.

Dinner on Hart Lodge porch.

Raking out the beach. Hope the grass seed does its trick by the reunion.

Ted and Sarah testing out program supplies during the sorting process. Looks like these are both good.

Over flow dinner dining outside Hart Lodge.

Katie and Elisha doing the fine trim painting inside the cabins.

We got tools and are putting them to good use.

Amy showing off her pipes, and using her head.

Mike and Adam pause from moving beds to smile for the camera.

Elisha moving the painting set up from one cabin to the next.
Josh and Ted twisting a bed frame into a cabin while Mike looks on and gives advice.

The docks are in and ready for some August swimmers.

Sarah and Minna enjoy a pause from work to pose with Rich.

The waterfront is starting to take shape.

Moving mattresses from the main lodge to nature.

Rich and Mike looking for the perfect sailboat. This one is too small, that one was too big, how about the middle one?

Clearing the boats off the porch.

Parade field in progress.

M-YMCA...? someone always messes these up.

Sarah and her "Happy Garden".

Friday, July 3, 2009

Join us at camp this summer! -August 8-9, 2009

Join your friends for camp’s biggest reunion ever. Hosted by camp and Friends of Segowea, the YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea Alumni Association.

Schedule of Activities:

12:00 Check In; Bring Your Own Picnic Lunch
1:00-3:00 Free Swim and Open Boating
2:00 The New Vision for Segowea Presentation
3:15 Friends of Segowea Meeting
5:00 Welcome and Flag Lowering
5:30 Cookout dinner
7:00-9:00 Casino Night
9:15 Candlelight Ceremony

7:30-10:00 Continental Breakfast
10:30 Closing Chapel
12:00 Goodbye

Please RSVP to Toby Hettler at 518 656-9462 ext 6632 or

A $15 per person donation is suggested to cover meals and program costs. Kids 5 & under are free.

Let's fill camp this summer!