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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Camp Wa Wa Segowea Alumni- The Larson's remember camp.

Camp Wa Wa Segowea is a great place to make new friends, sharing your similarities as well as the differences you have. Kids that come to camp, reach out to their school friends, their neighborhood friends and even their brothers and sisters, wanting them all to be a part of the magic of Camp Segowea. Every child's camp experience will be with them for the rest of their lives. This summer is shaping up to be a memorable one! Camp Director Kat Fitzpatrick has hit the ground running making phone calls and reaching out to previous campers as well as new campers. She's on the road too, talking in person to kids and parents alike in New York and Massachusetts at Camp Fairs. She wants to make sure her first summer at Wa Wa Segowea is the best yet! To sign up today and be a part of that Magic, simply go to the camp website where you can register online-

One family that sent their kids to camp 30+ years ago were the Larson's. They lived in Dutchess County back then and have all stayed within a couple hours drive from camp. They've attended the reunions in the past and have also helped on work weekends. They truly are "Friends of Segowea"! They were nice enough to get together one weekend, share their memories of camp and record it too! Here's an edited edition of that get together-

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Camp Wa Wa Segowea's "The Firefly"

Camp Segowea has a proud and rich heritage, beginning with it's spectacular land, the original buildings on it and it's dedicated friends, family and followers. Camp was established back in 1913 by the Poughkeepsie YMCA where Board President William W. Smith, General Secretary Leland Shaw and Camp Director Frank VanNess led YMCA volunteers and staff to establish a place where boys could have positive life-changing experiences through the adventures of group camping. We have come along way since then, but still honor those beginning years today through the many plaques and remembrances around camp.

Today, from the Segowea archives, we present the summer of 1932's memories compiled in the camp yearbook. To quote from it- "We believe that before this season, no such ambitious attempts as we undertook have ever been made in producing THE FIREFLY. While we know this ambition is no sign of success, we say farewell with this issue, proud at least of having tried a forward step in the annals of Segowea."

So, from the summer of 1932, here's YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea's THE FIREFLY-
(click on the pages to make them larger)

To register for camp this summer (and maybe create your yearbook!) click on the link-

To see a movie featuring the Camp Reunion of 2004, click on the link-

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's time for the Camp Wa Wa Segowea "Segowea 65"!

It's time! The 3rd Annual Segowea 65 NCAA Basketball Tournament is taking place beginning later today (Sunday March 13th).

What is it? Well it's March Madness time and it's a chance for you to be involved in helping send a child to camp and having a little fun at the same time. You make selections on who you think will win the NCAA March Madness College Basketball Tournament and have a chance at winning some prizes. Encourage others to participate because the more people that play, the larger the pot! Even if you don't follow College Basketball, it's still a lot of fun.

1st Place prize is 10% of the pot.

2nd place is 7% of the pot.

3rd place is 5% of the pot.

With 2% going to Paypal, that leaves 76% going towards sending kids to Camp Segowea!

YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea has long been a place for kids with diverse socio-economic, cultural and religious background. You can help fill the camp with kids this summer, simply by making the donation and having some fun!

Step One: Make the donation to paypal. ($15 per bracket- play as many brackets as you'd like!) You go to and log in to paypal from there.

Step Two- When the donation is made, it will bring you to a confirmation page where you go to submit your bracket. (We're using the CBS Sports bracket manager) You will also receive a confirmation email which contains your log-in information to the bracket manager.

Step Three- Follow along on the bracket manager to see how you're doing and how the competition is doing!

The selections for the pairings are made tonight and will be downloaded to the CBS Bracket Manager, no later than midnight tonight. You then have until Noon on Tuesday to make your selections. If you make your selections early and then change your mind, you can change your picks right up until the deadline of noon on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer of this- Josh Perks at

You can also get all the details on the Friends of Segowea website-

This is the third year we have done this and each year gets more donations. We're trying to send as many kids to camp as possible this year and encourage all to participate.

So until the Box Ball or Four Square tournament doesn't get as much attention as March Madness (yet), why not participate in the Segowea 65?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

110 days and counting till Camp Wa Wa Segowea opens for 2011!

Which dates will you be there?

It's now the month of March, but the signs of winter are still there at camp. There's a lot of snow and ice everywhere and making it up Foley Hill Road these days is almost an impossible task. But pretty soon, temperatures will be inching up slowly, the snow and ice will be melting and before we know it, it will be time for camp! New Camp Director Kat Fitzpatrick is already a week or so into the job and she is very excited about camp. She is predicting a fantastic summer to come! She's reaching out to enrolled campers (there's 40 of them already!) and parents, including the Javoroski Family. Kat was very excited to hear that the Javoroski's had asked Santa to put a Wa Wa T-Shirt under the Christmas tree for their son. "It was his BIG present and he was SO excited!" Another family spoke of how they'd looked at many camps and chose Wa Wa because of its intimate size and because it is co-ed. They feel like it will be the perfect place for their son's first camp experience.

So the question is- Which weeks will you be there?

Session 1 - June 26 - July 1
Session 2 - July 3 - 8
Session 3 - July 10 - 15
Session 4 - July 17 - 22
Session 5 - July 24 - 29
Session 6 - July 31 - August 5
Session 7 - August 7 - 12
Session 8 - August 14 - 19
Session 9 - August 21 - 26

Register online today at

Open Houses for camp are scheduled beginning in May and don't forget to check out the Camp Wa Wa Segowea Facebook page. ( Look also for Twitter updates and follow us at @campwawasegowea.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Camp Wa Wa Segowea alumni- Where are they now?

In 1928, YMCA President William W. Smith 2nd (W.W. Smith's grandson) relocated Camp Wa Wa Segowea to beautiful Harmon Pond in Southfield, MA. He and Dr. James Harrington purchased the 555 acre Foley Farm, creating Smith Park for the YMCA families of Dutchess County. YMCA volunteers and staff began construction on this land in the Berkshires.

Segowea's new home was one of the most ideal locations in America for a YMCA's children's camp. Under YMCA Executive, Dean Temple Sr., Camp Wa Wa Segowea became coed in 1967. Since it was established, Wa Wa has been the inspirational home to over 50,000 children and young adults. These Segowea alumni continue to be a major component in the resurrection of Camp Segowea.

We put the word out awhile ago that we were looking to reconnect with all alumni, for them to let us know where they are now and some details of their current life. We did hear from a portion of the alumni and those updates are below. Thanks to all that replied! We anxiously await to hear from others and find out what everyone is up to these days. You do not have to have been a camper or a staff member to be included here. We are looking for all Friends of Segowea! Simply send me an email with your info-

Here's the alumni!-

30's & 40's
Charles Knauss is retired, Years at Segowea were 1938-1945. He is married, has three children plus eight step-children. Hometown was Poughkeepsie and now lives in Spencertown,NY

40's - 2011
Ike Sucato- I will try and give you the facts as best as I can and let you put them all together. I became a camper in 1943 & 1944, my brother that was 4 yours older than me had been there a lot longer than me and became a counselor His picture is on that camp post card that is on the wall in the lodge. My 4 children all went to camp and 2 of my grandchildren went till it closed. I was part of Bob Gaddis's camp work crew and started in the 70's and stayed with him till he died... We would go for 3day week-ends in the spring to get it ready for opening and 3 day week-ends in the fall to close it up and make repairs. One year we added 2 bedrooms to Hart lodge. Our crew was about 20 to 25 guys and we slept and ate in the lodge. Sometimes during camp we would have to run out there to do repairs. When Bob died we had no leader to replace him and the crew slowly fell apart. In 1992 I was given a Special Volunteer Citation. Most of us did what we did all those years because we loved the place and tried to keep it going so it would not fall apart and close, which is what ended up happening.
Hopefully we can give birth to new work crews, and Norm & Di are just the ones to give birth to them.

50's - 2011
Jeff Raymond-
My first time at camp was in 1950, with my family. My father, Allen and his brothers, Norman and Ralph had been campers and counselors. My grandfather Charles installed the first electricity at camp! My family attended family camp every Labor Day Weekend for many years in the 1950's and early 1960's. I was part of the boys camp for 6 years in the late 1950's and early 60's and also attended a lot of father-son camp work weekends. Some time in the 1980's I joined the Camp committee and have served under the various boards ever since then. I now serve as Vice-President of the Smith Park Board. My sister Patti (Raymond) Thomas went to the Teen camp when Dean Temple was running it. She is very active today and a past president of the Doylestown, Pennsylvania YMCA. My sons Jonathan and Barrett both attended camp as well.

I am very happily married to my wife Jean and live in Red Hook, NY. I'm semi-retired and manage a rental property we have which we rent to Bard College students. I like to garden and oil paint as much as I can. Jean is a real estate agent with Prudential in Rhinebeck, NY and a Red Cross volunteer.

50's & 60's
Name David E. Eylers
Occupation Retired clergyman, Episcopal
Years/Time Spent at Segowea or affiliation to Camp Segowea
Camper 1951-55
and Unit Leader & Chaplain 1962-64
Marital status Married to Carla Eylers 43 years
Children Two
Hometown Poughkeepsie NY
Anything else you wish to add
Current Address PO Box 352, Harwinton CT 06791
Memories as a young camper are still with me, but the most vivid pictures are from the early 1960's when it became my privilege to serve as unit leader and chaplain. It was a time for us all of growth, expansion and character education gained from the many activities and personalities that became Segowea's legacy. For me, the grand setting of Segowea's lodge, lakefront, ball field, woodland trails, and program experiences from chapel services to campfires - all taken together with the interaction of campers and counselors alike are forever imprinted in my visual memory.

Bill Widholm
Some of my fondest memories are of my years associated with Camp Segowea. I am originally from Poughkeepsie, NY but now live in North Carolina. I am married to a woman who I met at Camp Segowea during a coed session that followed boys camp. I first went to Segowea as an eleven year old, probably in 1952. At the time it was an all boys camp and I spent about four years as a camper. My first job in life was at Camp Segowea working in the kitchen and as a relief counselor. As the years passed I moved to being a counselor leading trips in what we called the outpost. That was across the lake from the main lodge and was a little like the Outward Bound type of program. In total I spent about 12 summers being associated with Segowea. It had a major impact on me and not only did I meet my wife there, it set me on a course of working with children, which became my career. I am retired now but I continue to reflect back on my Segowea years as being special. I am glad to hear the camp is making a come back and that so many alumni are involved. The coed camp was run by Dean, a terrific person. He was the only real adult out there supervising about 40-50 teen agers. Everyone had so much respect for the guy that they usually behaved themselves and did not want to let him down. The Directors of the boys camp when I worked there were Stan kern and Don Asher. When I ran the outpost program, we had canoeing in the Adirondacks and extended bicycle hikes to Cape Cod and also into the Adirondacks. It was a terrific program.

John Phillips My wife Mary and I are retired, living in Kinderhook where we built our house 27 years ago. I am completing seven years on the Ichabod Crane Board of Education, my primary activity since retiring. Our oldest son Andrew lives in Dutchess County where he is a master carpenter and cabinet maker. Andrew was the first "baby" to live in what is now the Property Directors home. Son David is an officer in the Coast Guard and youngest son Matthew is in graduate school. This month, as a belated retirement present, I purchased a small camper and intend to travel to various locations staying mostly in state parks and national forests. So ...... camping remains in my blood.

Jim Clark-

I was at the cabins that surrounded the main lodge for 1 summer, I can't remember which one. Although I remember the cabins were named after American Indian tribes and by age groups with the youngest boys towards the bathrooms and mine which was towards the end but not on the end. I then went a few years to Pioneer Village up on the mountain top all open on the front side cabins with I think 4 bunks in each one . I then went over to the outpost for a season to do the canoe trip through the lakes up north.
Currently I am living in California and work for AT&T as a communication technician for 20 years not yet retired LOL. Before that I worked in the Southern California Santa Monica area for GTE/Verizon for 10 years. I would love if you could pass their emails onto me and mine to them please. I can't remember everyone's name but I be happy to reconnect if they would so like to do.

Jeff Kelly- I attended Segowea in '66 and '67 and was in the Navajo Cabin both years for one two-week session each. I have both fond and not-so-fond memories of some things.  The fond ones include learning how to play soccer, being on the baseball team, the Mini-Olympics, and "Capture The Flag."

One overnight hike--reportedly to Campbell Falls and reportedly "13 miles"(which--if the current camp location is the same one--would mean someone told a lie about that).  We hiked most of the day there and back to base camp and when I got back I literally collapsed from exhaustion(you see, I was a Celiac, and never found that out until age 45, which is why I have no great resume' to report but I'll get to my activities below anyway...).  That night I was supposed to be cabin "waiter" and I didn't make it to dinner. 
 Instead, the counselor from the cabin next door (which I hear now is Yukon but I could swear it was Mohican), came over to cheer me up.  He took out his blade razor without a blade, took some shaving cream, and proceeded to "shave my elbows" because "they need shaving"(I was too exhausted to "get" the joke completely).   I really didn't ask to go to camp because for one thing I hated anything to do with the water with a passion, although I did participate in the "water basketball" or "water polo" or whatever they called it at the beginner swimming area. I wound up going because my brothers before me went there.   I also ran in the "Steeple Chase" and liked pretty much most landlubbing activities (save for archery). 
  I remember chapel and learning the hymn "Abide With Me".  Years later when I went from Catholicism to Protestantism, being musical I realized I FIRST heard that hymn way back at Camp Segowea in Chapel.  I have a vague memory of maybe playing the organ there or something(I did play for church services when I was ten years old). 
  The other part was, and this was undoubtedly before they separated the Catholics for church services at camp, that Friday nights were special menu events(in no small measure due to the meat prohibition for Catholics), and all the other kids looked forward to having PIZZA.  I had never had pizza and took my first pizza there at camp one Friday meatless-for-the-Catholics-night.  When asked intently how I liked it, as if being interviewed for "Entertainment Tonight" or something, I shrugged and said, "Annh--it's alright."(I wondered what the big deal WAS about pizza  hahaha). 
   I attended Northwestern University for a brief period of time in the 1970's with an eye toward studying Astronomy.  I didn't graduate from college yet--but instead have had varied experiences including: organist for my local church(Seventh-Day Adventist), church deacon, church treasurer(9 consecutive years including technology), volunteer for hot lunch program for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS(1991-97), and for many years I've helped serve the needs of Senior citizens in my church informally.  I have also been involved in some musical endeavors and have formed a musical group doing original gospel music with a man who used to be a sort of famous family band patriarch in Mexico some years ago out of Poughkeepsie(we haven't done anything yet with that of note but we'll see...).  I see that Soul Dog Restaurant, a gluten-free food restaurant in Poughkeepsie, is a supporter of the camp.  How appros pos our respective paths have crossed.
 I will say this...the times I DID serve as cabin "waiter"...made me remember just how absolutely GROSS and nasty the kids were at meals, because I can still remember taking those ammonia-filled sponges and cleaning the table off, then sweeping the huge pile of crumbs and whatever else, food from kids throwing it at each other or whatever...into the middle aisle.   And to think...just to get into the meals, we had to have our hands inspected on each side and pass inspection.  Only to have clean hands make an absolute mess out of the dining 
   Well....that about wraps it up.  As Henry Fonda would say, "warts 'n all."
                     Jeff  "Crazy Horse"  Kelly
 Navajo Cabin Camper--1966/1967

Bill Van Alstyne
Occupation- Somewhat retired
Years Spent at Segowea 60-69
Marital status yes
Children Boo and Michelle with grandchildren making their appearance soon at camp for the third generation
Hometown Kinderhook, NY
Want to hear from those that were at boy's camp during the 60's. This is an era of camp history that is sorely missing!

60's & 70's
My name is Mark McCandlish. I was involved with Segowea Teen Camp for many years; first as a camper from 1962 to 1964, and then as a counselor and program director. After college and a few years in the army, I worked for 2 years as the Youth Program Director for the Dutchess County YMCA. While there, I directed the Teen Camp in August 1971 before leaving the Y to do graduate work at Springfield College.
Today I run the leadership development program at Baystate Health in Springfield. My wife Barbara and I live in Amherst and have a son who's a college junior.
My wife and I made it to one of the Segowea work weekends this summer and were really impressed by the renovations in progress and the enthusiasm of all the volunteers we met.


Debbie (Sucato) Bryant, spent 3 summers at Camp Wa Wa Segowea
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, New York
1976: Junior Counselor, Nature Director
1977: Counselor, Arts & Crafts Director
1979: Girls’ Unit Head
Debbie has been happily married to Dan Bryant for 26 years. Their family lives in Murrysville, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Daughter Amanda, age 21, is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, pursuing a degree in elementary art education. She attended Camp Segowea for 2 summers. Daughter Kathleen, age 16, is a sophomore in high school, pursuing her driver’s license. J She also attended residence camp, but here in Pennsylvania. Dan is a research scientist who works for Alcoa in Alloys Development. Debbie is a school nurse at Sloan Elementary School in Murrysville. In her spare time, she is an avid birder who likes to go on outings with the local nature clubs. Dan and Debbie both like to spend time on their sailboat exploring the Chesapeake Bay with Duncan, their sheltie & Daisy, their miniature dachshund.
I have many wonderful and a few terrible memories of my 3 summers at Segowea. I would not trade the time I spent at camp for anything. I grew so much emotionally and learned so much about myself and human nature. Some of my memories of Segowea are sharper than memories of what I did 2 weeks ago. I have found that such is often the case in life-shaping moments. I am so pleased that Segowea is up and running again so that others can avail themselves of its magic.

Dave "Skip" Falk is retired after a 36 professional YMCA career
The years spent at Segowea were '73 to '76 when he was the Camp Director. He is married to Brenda, has no children and is currently living in Sugar Land, Texas. His hometown was Scranton, PA

Name: Sue (MacDonald) Padilla
Occupation: Director of Quality Engineering at Oracle in Stamford CT for the past 9 years.
Years Spent at Segowea – 2 summers (I believe 1979/1980)
Marital status: Happily married for 14 years to my husband Orlando Padilla
Children: 2 boys. Rafael 12 y.o. and Gabriel 6 y.o.
Pets: 2 dogs we rescued from the Caribbean – “Surf” and “Q”. I suppose you never rescue anything from the Caribbean – given the winter we are having now it’s more like kidnapping.
Hometown: Millbrook NY
Anything else: Currently live in Weston CT (for the past 8 years) which is just a few minutes away from my identical twin sister, Beth, who also went to camp at the same time I did. I am a competitive rower (crew) with Saugatuck Rowing Club out of Westport CT. When I’m not working, or with my family, you can find me on the water. My and my family’s favorite place to travel is Spain which we have done several times and hope to again very soon.
Email: or
Cell phone: 203-461-1508
Facebook: No way – it’s far to addicting for someone with a type A personality such as mine.

Beth Ann Vara (Maiden: MacDonald) is the Chief Administrator of ambulatory radiology/radiology technologist at Stamford Hospital’s Tully Center, Stamford CT. She spent two summers at Segowea (not sure of the years) maybe 1978-79. She is divorced and has a 14 year old son, Chase. She is from Millbrook, NY and currently lives in Ridgefield, CT- just a few minutes away from her identical twin sister, Suzanne, who also went to camp at the same time she did. Her Hobbies/Interests are Snowboarding, going to the gym, music and dancing, Her phone is 860-209-4669 and email is

70's - 2011

Mike Bruns, Kitchen Staff 1981-87, involved ever since, Board in 1998? Serve as secretary for Smith Park Board currently as well as blogger and Marketing Committee. I've never been married and have nieces and nephews to spoil. I live in Cromwell, CT and am currently working on an Oral History business called Perspective.
Camp Segowea is a part of my every day life and always will be. I've made friends being around it, learned about life due to it and became who I wanted to be because of it.

John Fisher, Camp Wa Wa Segowea Director for 1977-1982 and serving on the camp board ever since 1982. He's happily married to Holly Fisher, retired, living in Enfield, CT and enjoying spending time with 4 grandchildren (all camp alumni!) as well as traveling the world. (Recently returning from a trip to Australia and New Zealand)

Name Ed Harvey
Occupation Asst. Director of Security - Bard College at Simon's Rock
Years Spent at Segowea on/off 1978-2006
Marital status Separated
Children: 0, none, zip!
Hometown Down the road from the camp in Mill River, MA
Anything else:
I am still very active with the fire department and ambulance. I have obtained the rank of Lieutenant in the fire department and I am the training officer for the ambulance.
In addition I have become an avid photographer having been published in several fire/emergency service journals as well as the local media. The second part of my photography is directly related to camp. My website - Rural American Images (.com) features the flora and fauna of the Berkshires which Posie Capers so many years ago taught me about! Of course camp is one of my favorite locations to shoot. These photos have been featured in several local art exhibits and the local town newsletter call The 5 Village News.

Name: Tom Harvey
Occupation: Engineer
Years Spent at Segowea: 1979-???
Marital status: Married
Children: 1 Boy
Hometown: Southfield Mass.
Anything else: I feel a great responsibility to Camp to give back what Camp has given me, to provide this opportunity to children far into the future and see my boy experience nature and values like no other place can provide.

Dan Sucato, Kitchen Cook and staff from 1976 – 1985, served on camp board in the past. I live in Unionville, Ct and I am ecstatically married to my beautiful bride Pam Sucato, we have two great boys Joey and Jack ages 12 and 14.
I have been in the IT field for 23 years and currently I am a Technical Project Manager for The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain, Ct. I keep busy by coaching my two sons in various sports that include baseball. football, and basketball.
I can honestly say that I have spent about 1/2 of my life in and around Camp Segowea and it has made me a better person, father, and a community leader .

70's & 80's

Marvin Birnbaum
Occupation Lawyer
Years Spent at Segowea 1975-79 camper 81 staff.
Marital status Married
Children 2 Boys
Hometown New Patlz, NY
Would love to hear from my friends or otherwise.

Rosemarie Brady AKA Posie Capers
Attended Wa-Wa 73-81,camper,cit,counselor,unit head.
I reside in the suburb of West Seneca,NY
I have been living in the Buffalo area for over 20 yrs.
I am married to a Buffalonian,Pat Brady for 20 yrs.
We have a son, E.Denis Brady,and he's 16 yrs.
I have been a special education teacher in North Tonawanda
for 22 yrs.
Boy looking at all this makes me sound really old. Hey wait, I am old!

Andrew Elman
Aerial Effect Operator, automation, at 'Spiderman - Turn Off The Dark' on Broadway. I have been doing automation for Broadway shows, tours, corporate events since 1992. In my spare time I have become and accomplished woodworker and wood turner and can never find enough time to spend in my shop. I also like to cook, and used to do wedding cakes.
I was at Segowea from 1978 to 1985. Good times.
Married to Dana McDaniel since 1996, and have two children, Miranda (12) and Spencer (8). Greatest kids ever! I also have 3 Grandkids (long story).

Chris Larson is a Project Mgr./ Expediant Environmental Solutions
Years Spent at Segowea: 75-79, Staff 81-82, Boys Senior Village Director 88
Marital status: Married. Kathi Larson: CFO, Armgo Pharma
Children: 0
Hometown: Stormville, NY
Anything else: We love to travel. Just got back from Paris. Going to Anguilla in spring. Enjoy entertaining friends and family. We are complete foodies and love going to great restaurants. I am an avid scuba diver, and have had some amazing dives around the world.
Kathi is great interior designer and we always have a project going on.
I just recently finished a cigar lounge in my basement.

Stephanie Larson
1978-1987 more or less. Camper to Counselor
Now a Marketing Technology Manager in Boston
Living in North Andover, Ma
Hometown is Hopewell Jct
Married to Gus Kaechelin. Two cats: Stella & Porter
Love to travel, planning a trip to Italy in the spring. Hoping the 4
feet of snow will melt before July.

Name: Toby Malbec
Position: Director of POS - IPC - Miami, FL
Years at Segowea: 1975-1984 (Was Counselor in every male cabin, including Oneida although I always considered Apache home...)
Married - wife Linda
Two Children: Ian (13) - went to Segowea the last year it was open and then became a High Rock kid - and Hadley (8) who went to camp last year for the first time
Hobbies: Collecting Sports Memorabilia, Photography, Traveling, Music, Cycling
Interesting Camp Trivia:
Creator of Way-Off-Track Betting (WOTB)
Creator of Nigerian Sponge Wrestling
Creator of the inside-out cereal box race
Creator of the plate-sized pancake
A canoe was donated to camp in our father's name (Brian Malbec) and I was happy to see it is still in commission.


Abby Kavner
Occupation UCLA Professor of Geophysics
Years Spent at Segowea 81-83, 86, 88
Marital status married
Children Emmett, 12
Hometown Poughkeepsie NY

Rachel Elman O'Shea
8 years at Wa Wa 1980-1987 (I think)
Married with 3 kids - Callie 8, Josh 6, Sarah 4
living in Singapore for the last 2+ years and staying for more
profession - chef; working as a cooking teacher
Hometown of Wappinger Falls, but own a house in Boston with the hopes of going back in a few years.

Paul Page, Camp Wa Wa Camper various sessions 1980-1989. Living in Rhinebeck NY married to WaWa Alum Kristin Audia with our 7 mos. old, future camper, Sam. Self employed in Property Management/ Development, Colonial Communities Kingston NY.
BIG love of the outdoors including camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, snowboarding, Mtn biking. Also love cooking, trips to the Canteen, Casino Nights and Box ball!

Jesse Prisco
Started camp in 1985 I believe
No kids
LaGrangeville, New York

80's - 00's

Elizabeth Carivan, alumni for the years 1989-1997, 1999, 2000, 2004 and was proud to also return for camp's re-opening in 2010! She has also been serving on the camp board since 2008. She is currently the director of a small alternative high school called Harriet Tubman Democratic High School in Albany, New York. Her third beautiful niece was just born, and happily the oldest is now a Wa Wa alumni too! She can be reached by e-mail at

John J Dunn
Financial Advisor
Never Attended WaWa, served approximately 25 years on both boards, still happily married to Sandra for 43 years. We have 2 daughters, both teachers. Reside in Hyde Park/Pleasant Valley, NY. Enjoy traveling, reading and raising our standard poodles.

Nancy Ost, parent and now grandparent of WaWa campers since 1987 (that's a guess). Married to Tom McPheeters, also a WaWa parent and grandparent; Nancy is a former teacher at the Free School in Albany, NY and has encouraged many Free School parents to send their kids to WaWa over the years.

Name: Joshua Perks
Occupation: Media Specialist at BOCES
Years Spent at Segowea: 20 1982-1993
Marital status: Married to Lisa Glebatis Perks (former camper, councilor, nanny and nurse at Camp Segowea)
Children: Hazel Perks 10 months
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY born and raised but now living in Fairport, NY just outside of Rochester.
Anything else: Active member of Friends of Segowea and Race Director of the Wa Wa Wally Waddle.

Name: Sarah Perks
Occupation: Resident Service Coordinator - still playing with kids much of the day
Years Spent at Segowea - 1987 - 2000 (i think)
Marital status: Enthusiastically single
Children: Otavio - 3 in March
Hometown: Poughkeepsie NY
Anything else: Living in Boston

80's & 90's

CJ Huxford
Research Associate at Western Washington University
Spent about 8 years at Segowea as a camper then kitchen staff
not officially married yet but together with Rose Wagner
two children: Stephen Jacob Huxford, Kaila Jeanne Huxford
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
I live in Bellingham WA, and am currently working on a Master's degree in Geography with a focus on risk communication and disaster reduction at Western Washington University

90's - 00's

Adele Ciccaglione
Camper, 1999- 2005 (approximate)
Staff, 2010
Studying linguistics at Stony Brook University on Long Island

Kristen Hendrickson
Special ed teacher in the Poughkeepsie City School District
Camper from 1992-1998
Staff member from 1999-2004
Volunteer 2010
Vice president of membership for Friends of Segowea Alumni Association
Living in Poughkeepsie, NY

Amy McPheeters WWS '95-present
The case for many Wa Wa alumni, I was introduced to camp through a close friend from Albany, NY where I grew up. My first summer, 1995, on the cusp of my ninth birthday, I was assigned to Seneca cabin and began to form my new identity as a Wa Wa. From the very start, Segowea was a home for me. My mom used to joke that her feelings were hurt, what, with me practically jumping out of the car when we finally reached the bottom of the hill to be dropped off at the beginning of the summer, and bawling when camp was over and I had to be picked up to go home in August-- the opposite reaction a parent of a new and relatively young camper may have expected. Moving up the ranks from camper, to senior villager, to my LIT/CIT years, and eventually to junior and senior staff and Pirate, my tenure at Segowea continued until camp tragically closed in 2005. Beyond the utter beauty and magic of the 500 some-odd acres of woods that house Segowea, it was the deep bonds between camp friends that sustained me during the school year growing up. Is is those same friendships that have inspired me to remain connected to camp and help ensure that it successfully reopened for future generations of Wa Wa's this past summer.

While I'm not at camp, with camp friends, at a camp event, or planning a time/way to get TO camp, I work as a childcare provider at a small in-home daycare outside of Portland, Maine where I currently live. I was fortunate to have had a week off in August and spent the week volunteering as a cabin counselor at Segowea for the long-awaited grand reopening summer. It is beyond my coworkers why I would spend my precious time off as a volunteer at a summer camp in the woods, but if they were as blessed as I feel I am to have found Segowea, I'm certain they would understand. Spending just that short week back at camp last summer, walking across that same floating log in the lake, singing the same songs around the opening campfire, and working essentially the same job I did as a teenager, I watched a whole new group of children flourish at Segowea and was reminded of what a fundamental influence camp has had in my life. This reminder motivated me to expand my involvement with camp from my position as Secretary of the Friends of Segowea alumni group, and join the Smith Park Board of Directors in August of 2010. In this new role, I hope to use my passion for Camp Wa Wa Segowea to guide decision-making that supports the rebirth of the inclusive and caring camping environment that I experienced growing up.

Lily Mercogliano
Occupation Teacher
Years Spent at Segowea 1991-2005 (with a few years off as staff)
Marital status: Engaged to David Easton
Children 0
Hometown Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Mercogliano,
Graduate Student (Brooklyn College) and Nanny,
WWS 1994-2010 (Staff 03-05, Unit Head'10).
Engaged :),
no kiddies of my own,
Albany NY,

Lisha Mittleman
Guidance Counselor Brooklyn, NY
Wa Wa camper/staff 1991-2004; Friends of Segowea member since the beginning!!
No husband, no children
Originally from Albany, NY Currently living in Brooklyn, NY
I heart Wa Wa!

Sean O'Brien, Camp Segowea Camper 1998-2004. College student. Rhinebeck citizen all my life. My Grandfather, Allan E. Rappleyea attended the camp when he was a kid, which got me to go.
Attending that camp was the greatest experience in my life because every year was a new experience. The people there are what made me to keep coming back, they were great. I will never forget the great times I spent there. I know now that it has changed from when i went, same with the people, but I am sure that they will have a great experience as well and learn many great things.

Lisa Glebatis Perks
Professor of Communication, from Poughkeepsie but currently living in Fairport, NY
Villager, CIT, Counselor, Nanny, and Safety Director spanning 1994 through 2004
Married to Josh Perks, mom to future camper Hazel

Name: Minna M. Prisco
Occupation: Astor Services for Children & Families in Poughkeepsie, NY
Years Spent at Segowea:
camper: '97-'03
Junior & Senior Counselor '04-'05
volunteer '05-'09
Senior Counselor & Girls Unit Head Director '10 for reopening!
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Anything else: loves traveling & photography, snowboarding & soccer, spontaneous trips to Wa Wa Segowea as well as staying in contact with camp friends! please also include:

Name. Kara Stewart
Occupation. Photographer
Years/Time Spent at Segowea or affiliation to Camp Segowea. From 1995-2002
Marital status. In a relationship
Children. Nope, but I do have two fuzzy ferrets!
Hometown. Highland, NY
Anything else you wish to add. Favorite memory of all time, running around the parade field attempting to get away from Georgia after throwing scrambled eggs at her during Boo's epic food fight. I will never forget the look on her face!!

Darlene Ward, mother of Amy McPheeters, camper and staffer at WaWa for I believe 11 years. I never went to a summer camp as a child, and seeing the gift this camp has been to everyone who has attended has just been inspirational. When I first attended a visiting day before Amy went there, I was struck by the sense of community, how much everyone cared for the camp and each other. The more I saw of the camp over the years, the more I participated in Smith Park events, the more impressed I have been with Wa Wa. I'm very grateful Wa Wa was a part of my daughter's life, and hope many other parents get to experience that same satisfaction. I now serve on the Smith Park Board and head the Governance Committee.

This is Zhu Weiqiang(Edward).I am so glad to get your e-mail and it's so good to know the information about Wa Wa Segowea. The experience there was so great, it will be one of the unforgettable things in my whole life. Most of my dreams appeared the fragments at our camp. Now, back to China, I'm still working in ShaanXi Normal University as the secretary of the Youth League Committee in College of Foreign Languages. Next year I will work in a local government YULin city in ShaanXi province. Now it's the traditional festival (Spring Festival) in my country, best wishes to you(给您拜年 祝你春节好).

We even heard from "Friends of Friends of Segowea!

Friend of Lou Falk-
Bob Pascucci
Lou and I both worked at YMCA Camp Spruks, which operated out of the Scranton, PA YMCA but was physically located in Poyntelle, PA – in the far Northeastern corner of the state. Spruks was probably much like Segowea – Lou could probably make better observations than I. The camp is now a facility for youth and older-adult groups in the NYC area. Regarding “where I am now” – I’m married (Jackie), 3 kids (all grown), two grandkids. Living in Wellesley, MA, just outside Boston. Working as a physician doing pediatric anesthesia and intensive care at Children's Hospital Boston. Still going to Camp Spruks reunions (a small group of former staff getting together once or twice a year).
And currently continuing to dig out of the snow – right now, about 6-7 feet on either side of the driveway and climbing.

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