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Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess the cabin at Camp Wa Wa Segowea, Part 2

Here's Part two of the "Guess the Cabin". It's Cabin Row, through the years!

1) Just two pictures of this cabin. Which one is it?

2) In the older picture of this cabin, there's only two steps. That's a clue!

3) Just two pictures of this cabin, but those support blocks are another clue.

4) There's three pictures of this cabin and the first is definitely a clue!

3 more cabins to go. Look for the next post in a few days!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guess the cabin at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

It's time for a different kind of blog post. This one requires your participation! The posts over the next couple of weeks, we'll play Guess the Cabin! We have many pictures of the cabins on cabin row that have been taken over the years. Wa Wa's each have their favorite and some have stayed in many of them through the years, while a few have probably stayed in all of them! Their names of course are: Ticon, Yukon, Mohican, Cayuga, Apache, Oneida, Pawnee, Navajo, Yurok, Seneca and Arapaho. But the question is, do you know your cabins if they don't have names on them??? For the next 3 posts, I'll put up several pictures of the different cabins. Your job is to guess which cabin it is. The names have conveniently been edited out. Some are rather easy and others are a little more difficult. Please put your guesses in the comments. The answers will come in the next post. Take a guess if you don't know, but there's distinctions about each one. Do you know your cabins? (You can click on each picture to enlarge it)

Good luck!

1) 3 pictures of the same cabin through the years. Which is it?

2) Here's 3 more pictures of another cabin. Which is it?

3) There's just two pictures of this cabin and this one may be a little easier, if you know your cabins!

4) And the last one for this post, there's 4 pictures of the same cabin to see if you know it!

Put your guesses in the comments below!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping busy here at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

Sure it's January 2011 and the temperature is below freezing. There's plenty of snow on the ground (everywhere it seems!) and life at Camp Segowea seems like it's just asleep for the winter. But hey, Summer is less than 6 months away, so start thinking about what sessions you want to be there in the summer of 2011!

Yes, before you know it, it will be here again. Summer! And this summer will be even better than last summer! Talk to your friends, see who's coming which sessions and start making plans now! Which activities will I be in? What's going to be new? And of course, who's coming back? So stay warm, and before you know it, Summer will be here!

We'll still be working on Camp right up until then and here's some pictures of the latest progress on the Property Directors home.

Taking a look out one of the few remaining holes upstairs!

There's a new door ready to go.

A future wall upstairs.

A look out the front.

The back part of upstairs.

Norm pauses to pose.

The back side of the house.

Now, to the outside, the front is coming together!

Almost all enclosed.

Those white spots is snow coming down!

Taking a look from the side.

The horses didn't want their picture taken!

It's coming together.