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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

The year of 2011 is ticking down quickly on this last day.  We're grateful for all the wonderful campers that attended camp in the summer of 2011 and we're really anxious to see what 2012 has in store for us!
One (and only one) resolution we are making here, is that we resolve to continue to provide a safe, fun, awesome camping experience for all who attend!

There's no snow up at camp believe it or not, but the winter is only beginning and we're sure to see some before we know it.   Harmon Pond is frozen however in some areas, from 1/2 inch to 3 inches deep.   The beavers, taking advantage of the warmer weather, continue to chew away some small trees and some not so little ones.   Here's a few pictures from the last couple of days of 2011 at camp.

                                                                Some beaver work.

Their teeth must be really sharp!

Quite the collection of shavings!

Norm admiring their work.

Not the beavers this time. On this one, it's Mother Nature.

Norm, practicing his Jedi mind tricks.

Testing the thickness of the ice.

"It's about 3 inches out here."

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Help spread the word of Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

The end of the year is approaching quickly and while we're grateful for everything that happened in 2011, we're really looking forward to the summer of 2012!   In just six months (and a few days), it will be summer once again, with campers having the ability to swim every day, choose their skill classes, (learning something new or brushing up on a favorite) and of course, enjoying the outdoors with new friends!   Camp Director Kat Fitzpatrick is busy at work making sure more and more kids know all about our favorite camp.   She's out talking to people around the Capital District as well as around the Berkshires, making sure they are aware of all the benefits of attending Camp Wa Wa Segowea.  Help her out and spread the word to friends and family!   

Since we re-opened in 2010, we've increased the number of campers enjoying camp by 76% and want to increase that even more for the summer of 2011!   If one person or family reading this blog told 5 new people about camp, it would reach over 3,000 people!   According to The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, WOMMA (yes there is such an organization!), Word of Mouth Marketing is "The only marketing based on genuinely passionate people. Word of mouth marketing is the most honest form of marketing, building upon people’s natural desire to share their experiences with family, friends, and colleagues".  So we're asking that you and/or your child share yours/their experience with others.  WOMMA also says- Only honest marketers with confidence in their products dare engage in word of mouth marketing -- because it will backfire if the promise of your marketing message isn't backed up by reality. Once you give people a voice, they will tell the true story of your company, good or bad.  We say with confidence, that summer camps (like Camp Wa Wa Segowea) have many benefits, some you experience right away and some occur years later.   For example, Psychology Today Magazine sees summer camp beneficial to kids as they get ready for college.

We've been hearing from some of you which camp traditions you remember and thanks for those few that replied!  We are looking for many more as there's a lot of them out there!  We encourage you to take a few minutes and send them in.  Please send us an email- either or  

We've heard from a few of you (in person!) at our gift wrapping sessions at Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie.  We chatted with a counselor from the 70's, a camper from the 60's and other staff members from other decades (80's, 90's, 00's and 2011 too).  Camp Alum Kristen Nicholson has been the leader in this fundraising event for a few years now and it gets better every year!  This year we accomplished our goal and raised enough money to send a child to camp and had a lot of fun doing it.  Take a look at the pictures below and video too of the "Wa Wa Tones".   Thanks to all that volunteered and came out to contribute their time, money and wrapping abilities!  Thanks to Barnes & Noble for letting us do this!

A couple of new things with the blog- you can subscribe via email now, so you'll always know when a new post is here.  Simply look at the top of the blog where you can submit your email address.  When there is a new post, it shows right up in your email inbox.  Another new item, some Segowea pictures are now viewable on Flickr!   You'll find the link also at the top of the blog.  Stay tuned for more additions!

There's still time to get the popular 2012 Camp Calendar!  It's very simple to get and reasonably priced too.  They're just $10 and available now at  Time is winding down, so get your order in today!  

Here's the Wa Wa Tones and some pictures from the Gift wrappings-

All money raised went towards camperships.

We gift wrapped a shopping basket, proving we could wrap anything!

The Buttons putting together and decorating the candy canes we gave away.

Minna and Katie in their "canoe"

"I said Row faster!"

Mike showing his wrapping abilities.

Shannon lending a hand.