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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Wa Wa Segowea Session # 4- Complete!

We're already at the halfway point of the summer of 2011 and camp keeps getting better! More and more kids are staying over from session to session and getting another week of that Segowea magic! 4th session was full of activity with the stayovers joining the new campers beginning on Sunday. Activities included a hike to Umpachene Falls, Casino Night and a visit from some Camp Alumni from a long time ago! While the weather was hot, everyone took advantage and was able to swim every day! If you're still thinking about sending your child to camp, there's still just a few spots open for Session 6 & 7. Just contact Camp director Kat Fitzpatrick at 413-229-9110. Also, we've heard from parents that use GPS or Google to find our wonderful camp, are getting a bit lost. If you do use GPS or Google and it has a turn at Canaan Valley Road, that turn is actually taking you to another part of Foley Hill Road and is not the right part! We're at the other end of Foley Hill Road. Just make sure to look for the green camp sign at the end of the Foley Hill. That's the right end! To be safe, there are directions on the Camp Website-

Here's the wrapup of Session #4 in pictures-

Enjoying Open Boating.

Basketballs are always bouncing at Wa Wa!

Soccer Field and Archery Field all in one!

Opening Day Craziness!

Some free time.

Time for playing cards.

and time to study nature (but not too close!)

Swim class!

Derek had his best outdoor education class yet!

Campers learned how and then built a shelter in the woods.

It's now a shelter!

We played a little charades.

and played guess that shadow!

Terrance can't decide what to do!

There's always hanging on the front steps.

This week, we had a visit from some important Camp Alumni!
(From left to right)
Ellen Hart Mulvey - She was at camp in 1929 and her dad helped locate the land on which the camp resides and he also helped build the Main Lodge!

Bar and Ruth McComb- A past Chairman of the Board of the Poughkeepsie Y, Bar is a descendant of the Smith Brothers, named recently "President Emeritus" of Smith Park and what he's most proud of- A Cabin Leader at Camp! Ruth is his lovely wife and is always a Friend of Segowea!

They joined us for lunch.

Spoke to some campers.

and posed for some pictures!

Bar, Ruth, and Ellen at the site of the future Dining Hall and Welcome Center.

Norm goes over the model design.

What's there currently (as we're trying to raise money to pay for it!)

We had the trip to Umpachene Falls this week.

And finally, our international staff were invited to a dinner in Glenmont, NY at the home of Charlotte and Charlie Buchanan on the weekend for a YMCA Camp International Celebration!
Congrats to them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Session 3 is complete at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

Session # 4 is happening right now at Camp Wa Wa Segowea, and kids are having a great time. But before we move too fast, there was Session # 3 to look back on and wrap up in pictures. Highlights this past week included The Olympics and the summer's first Wa Wa Carnival! There's always swimming and the other skill classes happening and plenty of free time for kids to be kids. You can also check out our Facebook page to see more pictures from this summer as well as from our archives. There's still time to register for camp for Sessions 5, 6 & 7. Give Kat Fitzpatrick a call at camp- 413-229-9110.

Here's some pictures from Session Number 3.

Mealtime for Terrance's cabin.

Ashley & her cabin of girls.

Prepping for the carnival.

Wa Wa Carnival getting underway.

which includes facepainting!

Adele & Will - Participants in a game involving cheeseballs!

Something called the Kayak Simulator.

and what's a carnival without sponge wrestling!

Derek & Annie, dressing for the event.

Carnival is all about the fun!

Candace with a very appropriate hat!

Deciding which carnival event to go to next!

Relaxing on the porch.

And time for cloud viewing.

Some cabin time.

And a look in the kitchen. First, Chris hard at work.

Will on dish duty.

Adele on Pots & Pans.

Campers on their way to the dining hall...

and in the dining hall for a meal.

Volunteering for Waiter Duty?

Time for a ball game.

and Snack time too!

Stretching for Dance class taking place.

Getting the right moves down!

Camp Director Kat and friends on the front porch.

Free swim!

and Open Boating.

Swimming at the big dock.

Ready to make the jump...

and they do it!

Practicing some diving.

and Smitty keeping a close eye out.

Thanks again to all that supplied pictures from the session- Ed, Elisabeth, Annie & Kat!