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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camp Wa Wa Segowea 2010 Summer season comes to an end.

What a summer! With camp reopening for the first time in five years, it couldn't have ended any better! We had one of our larger sessions and featured activities such as Pillow Polo and Casino Night/Dance Party! As Friday came and parents arrived to pick up their campers at the final Barbecue, many tears of happiness were shed all around. There was a lot of email addresses collected the last couple of days as well as promises to be Facebook friends. Special thanks go out to all the staff who made it such an enjoyable summer. And where would be without the volunteers! At least 7 alumni came back and volunteered their time to be 2010 summer staff for a week or so. We welcomed many new members to the Segowea family and are truly grateful for them. Everyone is already looking forward to the 2011 summer season!

We do have a few weekends lined up for the fall if you'd like to lend a hand. September 18 & 19th, October 2nd & 3rd and the 9th and 10th of October are all weekends where several work projects are on the agenda. If you are interested in attending any part of the weekend, simply let the property director, Norm Button know. He can be reached at or 413-229-9110.

In the meantime, here's some pictures from the last couple weeks of camp for 2010! (Click on them to enlarge.)

It's Let's Make a Deal!

Time for Boating.

Jacob playing a tune.

Playing Polo.

Everyone's involved.

Playing polo while visitors watch.

Close to a goal!

At Chapel.

Chapel at last session.

Meeting on the Parade Field.

Carlos and campers attending Vespers

Campers at Vespers

Campers at Vespers.

The menu for Dinner (Drawings by Jui Ling)

Edward and friend on Casino Night

It's the Dance Party!

Some cool pics from night time at Wa Wa.
On the Lake.

Cabin Row at night.

The Lodge at night.

The Lodge at night.

On Cabin Row.

On Cabin Row.

Last session 2010! (The funny face version)

Last Session Camp Picture

Thanks for a great summer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Wa Wa Segowea Last Session 2010

The last session is always a little special at Camp Segowea. Summer relationships start to become year round friendships. The box ball games are a little more serious to see who really is the champ. The last chapel means bring plenty of kleenex! Kids are packing up and taking many trips to Lost & Found to find those lost flip flops. And kids start counting down the days until next year when the fun can begin all over again! It's been a special summer here at Wa Wa as it's the first time in five years we've been open. It seems like we picked up right where we left off 5 years ago, having a special place where kids can come and be accepted for who they are, grow and then see them become who they are meant to be.

It's the end of the summer season, but not happenings here at Wa Wa Segowea! There's weekends in September and October to come up to camp and lend a hand with the fall projects. Property Director Norm Button has many projects on the list! On September 18th, there's the Smith Park Annual Meeting (Smith Park along with the Capital District YMCA are the ones responsible for Camp). They'll be a renewed focus on fundraising for more improvements for next summer season. Here's the rundown of dates-
September 18th- Smith Park Meeting & Camp Work Weekend (18th & 19th)
September 25th & 26th- Camp Work Weekend
October 9th & 10th- Camp Work Weekend
In the meantime, kids are still enjoying themselves. After all, Camp is Fun! The last session is happening right now. Soon, all boats will be brought in. Life jackets will be hung up inside. Soccer balls and ping pong paddles will be put in their storage places. But not yet! Here's some pictures from the first couple days of the last session.

Greeting the kids on opening day.

Ryan smiling for the camera!

Checking in the kids.

Opening Day Tour.

Lining up by cabin on the parade field.

First Olympic event- The Rope Burning!

The Olympic Teams Go!

The object- to build the fire high enough to burn the rope.

Teams cheer them on!

Carefully building the teepee fire.

Looks pretty high!

Building and at the same time- checking out the competition.

Getting started.

All 3 teams, doing pretty good.

That's a high fire!

We have a winner! Camp Director Stuart, quick with the fire hose.

Then comes the cleanup.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea 2010 Reunion!

The 2010 Reunion has came and passed, but people are still talking about it! Over 110 former (and present) alumni, friends and family members attended the successful Camp Wa Wa Segowea Alumni Reunion. From as far as California and as close as New Marlborough, Mass they came and reminisced, went for boat rides, visited with old and new friends and had a great time! All were amazed at the many changes in the camp buildings including the redone Beacon and Kitchen. There were representatives from all decades from the 40's right through to present day, 2010. Stories were told and names from forgotten times were somehow being remembered. Many conversations were started with whatever happened to ( ? ). The evening activity, Casino Night was a big hit, especially the addition of the "Pie Walk". Money was raised and official T- Shirts were sold, with all proceeds going to the Capital Campaign (We are continuing fundraising because we're only a little under 1/2 of what we need to raise!) Special thanks goes to the current camp kitchen staff who cooked for the event, people who donated pies for the Pie Walk and for Josh Perks and Holly Fisher for the pictures below!

Amy and Sarah working the registration table.

Lisha talking to Hazel, the future Wa Wa camper!

Enjoying the cookout dinner.

Lining up on the parade field!

More lining up on the parade field.

George Painter addressing and thanking the alumni.

Taking the family for a canoe ride.

Enjoying Open Boating!

It's the professional frog catchers!

The photo albums came out.

Alumni posing!

Catching up on old times.