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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

As this time of year reminds us, we have quite a lot to be thankful for here at Camp Wa Wa Segowea. We are thankful for the mountain laurel that blooms at the beginning of every summer.  We are thankful for the abundant wildlife that call Segowea home (even the beavers!).  We are thankful for the change of seasons, so we see the buds in spring after a long winter, the crisp colors of fall on our trees and shrubs, the freshly fallen new snow in winter and the whole season of summertime when the place just comes alive. We are thankful for the caretakers of our land who are concerned with our every day issues and see to it they are taken care of.  We are thankful for our visitors who come to observe and partake in the most beautiful place on the planet.  And of course, we're thankful for the children, both present and past, that attended our wonderful camp and carried on the wonderful traditions that have taken place here.  Thank you!

It is the holiday season and we have a few ways to assist you in your holiday shopping and gift wrapping!

The 2011 Camp Wa Wa Segowea calendars are in and ready to be shipped to you!  It's an inexpensive way to see Camp all year round and money raised will go towards the benefit of Camp.  (Just $10!) Go to the Friends of Segowea website and get yours today.

Books are always a popular item for gift ideas, and once again, Camp Alum, Kristen has organized a fundraiser for camp in the place where she works,  Barnes & Noble,  at 2518 South Road in Poughkeepsie, NY.    In previous years, this same camp fundraiser was done on one day, but this year we're excited to have two whole days to raise money for camp!  Saturday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 10th, from 9 am to 11 pm, the gift wrapping table will be ready for you.  Simply purchase your books and have them gift wrapped right there too!  All donations for gift wrapping will go directly to the benefit of camp.  Also, if you are able to help wrap, either day and for any amount of time that works for you, please contact Kristen at   Hope to see you there!

As we mentioned in the previous post, we have another fundraiser for camp that you don't have to go anywhere to do.  It's "Sell Your Stuff for Segowea" where you pledge to sell one item that is cluttering up your home and donate the money to Camp Wa Wa Segowea.

Once you've decided what you'd like to sell, simply follow the schedule-
1) By December 1st, e-mail Camp Alum Sarah Mercogliano ( your plan to participate. (I plan to sell _________ for Segowea.)
2) By January 15th, complete your sale and e-mail Sarah to let her know how much you raised.
3)  Mail your check (made out to YMCA Camp Segowea) to YMCA Camp Segowea; 1872 Pilot Knob Rd.; Kattskill Bay, NY 12844.
What you get out of it is a few things, 1- that item is no longer taking up space in your home, 2- that nice warm feeling when you help out a place you care for, and 3- a nice tax write off!

Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Wa Wa Segowea!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camp Fundraising, Camp Registration, Camp Leadership and some Camp fun too!

It's heading into winter up at Camp Wa Wa Segowea which is usually the quiet time of year. Buildings are already closed and boarded up and supplies are stored away.  This year is no different, with the exception of the Nor'Easter that came in October!  We made it through however with no major damage and a few inches of snow.  Although Camp is quiet, Camp Happenings are just getting started!

The Official Camp calendar says it's still Autumn, so first happening is our Fall Fundraiser!  And this year, we're trying something brand new.  It's called "Sell Your Stuff For Segowea", and it's very easy to do!  Anyone can participate.  All you need is something that is cluttering up your living space!  Just pledge to sell one item that is cluttering up your home and donate the money to Camp Wa Wa Segowea.  Maybe you have some old books?  Used Electronics?  Vintage clothes? Sports Equipment? Use your creativity and sell, sell sell!  

So how would you do this?  We have a few ideas- 
1) Hosting a garage/Yard/Stoop sale
2) Taking your item(s) to specialty resale stores
3) If you're tech savvy- sell it on EBay or Craigslist!

Once you've decided what you'd like to sell, simply follow the schedule-
1) By December 1st, e-mail Camp Alum Sarah Mercogliano ( your plan to participate. (I plan to sell _________ for Segowea.)
2) By January 15th, complete your sale and e-mail Sarah to let her know how much you raised.
3)  Mail your check (made out to YMCA Camp Segowea) to YMCA Camp Segowea; 1872 Pilot Knob Rd.; Kattskill Bay, NY 12844.

Any questions? E-mail Sarah. She already raised $100 by selling her old stuff at a stoop sale!

Second on the Camp Happenings List is the Calendar itself!  Just in time for the holidays, the 2012 Camp Wa Wa Segowea Calendar is ready for your purchase.   It features 12 all new pictures taken this year of camp and makes for a great stocking stuffer!  Each calendar is just $10 with $3 shipping.  As always, all proceeds go directly to Camp Wa Wa Segowea!    Get your calendar by going to the Friends of Segowea website- and look for the Buy Now button!  If you have questions regarding the calendars, send an email to

Third on the Camp Happenings List is registering now for camp. The dates are set. All you have to do is determine which week or weeks are good for you.    Need an incentive to register now?  Well, if you register before December 15th (one month from today), you get a special limited edition YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea T-Shirt!  How's that for an incentive!  Register today-  There's kids signed up already and they're getting the cool T-shirt.  How about you?

Number 4 on the list is the YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea Leadership Rally. It was held this past Saturday in Albany at the CDY office.  It was a chance to see some camp friends, hear about the past summer, and find out what's ahead.  It was highlighted with the recognition of a few volunteers being honored with Leadership Awards.   

First honoree was Alum Ed Harvey, who Kat Fitzpatrick described as "When the red truck is here, everything is okay" (Ed drives a red truck).  "Everything I ask of him, he was right there ready to do".  Ed continues to volunteer at camp and volunteered this past summer, first as an EMT, then heading up a very popular photography class for the kids.  Congrats to Ed!  

The second honoree was someone who George said "was involved with camp for a long time, started as a camp cook and has volunteered ever since".  I can verify this fact personally as he was referring to me!   I was (and am today) very honored to be recognized by a place that means a lot to me.  Camp became part of my life back in 1981 and will remain part of it forever.   I'm following many volunteers before me and more to come after me, by looking after the place I love and to share it with as many people as possible.      George referenced my assistance with the "social media", including this very blog as well as Facebook.  What he doesn't know is, it's just as fun to write and "take care of" as I hope people take away from it.   Thank you for the honor!

The final honoree was Alum Charlie Knauss, who unfortunately,  couldn't make it to the rally.   George described him as "A classy guy and a guy full of integrity".   Charlie attended the Leadership Rally last year, and heard what the camp needed and took it to heart.  He really heard the three things anyone can do to help camp.  The first was help get kids to camp by word of mouth, second was get scholarships for kids to go to camp and third was give money to the capital campaign.  Charlie heard these ways to help camp and then proceeded to tell the camp story to others,  including one person that opened the right door to get $50,000 towards camp!   He then took on another challenge, to raise money in his area for camp scholarships worth $5,000.   He accomplished that too!   He was a camper at Segowea back in 1941, and is still involved where the camp needs it, in 2011.  Pretty good for 70 years of involvement!   Congrats to Charlie!
Each person received a nice plaque and a custom made Segowea coat! 

Here's some Leadership Rally photos.

Some attendees first-

Lily tells us what Friends of Segowea has been doing.

John gives us the latest on Smith Park Corporation.

Kat presents the first Volunteer Leadership Award to Ed Harvey.

George presenting the next award to Mike Bruns.

The two of them together.

Award Winner Charlie Knauss (taken at last years rally)

Kat shows and models the limited edition T-Shirt given for registration prior to December 15th!

Wren is so happy with his shirt and can't wait till camp starts!

Lastly, with some camp fun, we participated in National Wear Your Camp T-Shirt Day, today November 15th!  We encourage all to model those wonderful camp t-shirts and show some Wa Wa pride!  Here's some more T-Shirt pictures taken through the years of Segowea. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Camp Wa Wa Segowea Fall Happenings!

While it may seem that camp ended a short period of time ago, believe it or not, in just 8 months, we'll be back in the camp season!   We'll have survived the long winter (which here in the northeast, has already started!)  Plans will have been made to make sure 2012 is a exciting, safe and rewarding summer at camp.  Some new ideas, mixed in with the continuation of true Wa Wa traditions adding up to once again, be that traditional camp to send your child to.

With that in mind, we are happy to say that registration for the summer season of 2012 is officially open!  Simply go to the CDYMCA website and register-
Register today!

It's been a productive autumn so far at camp and we have one more exciting happening taking place in November. There were a couple of work weekends taking place in September and October, that resulted in closing up the camp for the winter as well as working on the Property Director's cabin.  Volunteers moved lumber, put shutters up, and stored some items so the yearlong residents wouldn't get into them.  Some volunteers also helped put in some insulation for Norm & Dianne's home and a group of Camp Chingachgook volunteers came up and lent a hand on the cabin as well.  Thanks to all that pitched in!

Here's some pictures taken the last few weeks during fall and early winter!

Liz helping out with the insulation.

Norm being Norm.

The view from the 2nd Floor.

The siding getting done on the Property Director's home.

Looking good in the back too.

Some plants still doing good.

Autumn at Segowea.

Taken October 8th...

...then 2 weeks later...

...and then 8 days later!

Some more before...

...and after...

In November, on Saturday the 12th, we'll be holding the 2nd Annual Leadership Rally, taking place at the Capital District YMCA Administrative offices in Albany, NY. What is the rally all about?  Just like last year's event, we'll be celebrating our successful summer at camp and seeing what our next steps will be.  We will also be presenting our Annual Leadership Award and enjoying a light lunch together.   
Come join us!    Contact us if you plan on attending- Please RSVP to or 518-656-9462 ext. 6601.  It will take place from Noon to 1:30 pm on Saturday November 12, 2011 at 465 New Karner Road in Albany, NY.  Contact your family and Friends of Segowea.   All are invited!  

If you can't attend the Leadership Rally, but would like to support Camp Segowea in another manner, please let us know.   It might be assisting financially, or maybe in the marketing or fundraising field?  Just let us know.   Thanks!