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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The summer of 2012 is complete at YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

The Summer of 2012 comes to a close at YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea!  It was 10 months of planning, organizing, and preparing for those 2 months of summer, all for each camper to have a safe, fun experience at Wa Wa.  And what a time they had!

Session Nine was no different than the eight ones preceding.  The campers played Wa Wa ball. They sang new and old camp songs.  They swam, they rowed and they swam some more (sometimes one right after the other!)  They ate great food, and tried new things.  They got to know their cabin mates as well as the kids three cabins down.    They became independent and at the same time, became a family.  The seven year old made friends with the fifteen year old and they all grew.

"My child learned so much"    

Other places are taking notice.  We had a few visits this summer from other YMCA's.  We had visitors from the Clifton Park Y,  Camp Hi-Rock in Mount Washington, Mass. and a YMCA in Siberia, Russia!    They all came to check out what we were doing here at Camp Segowea, and they all commented similarly.  "You have a great camp here!"

"He had a fabulous time"   

It was a fantastic summer!    We do want to Thank all the campers for making it such a great summer, as we do it all for you!  We'd also like to thank the incredibly caring staff and CIT's.  You provide a warm, safe environment for children with a great attitude too!  And we'd like to thank the support staff and the management staff, both here at camp and in Albany and Lake George.  Without you guys, we couldn't get it all accomplished!

"We're looking forward to next year"   

Here's the week's wrap-up in pictures!  Thanks to all that provided the pictures!

                                                It's the Opening Night Campfire.

The hike and swim in nearby Umpachene Falls

Camp Kickball

Some cabin photos.

...and some camp photos.

Everyone with their "serious thought" pose.

                                                       The CIT's of Session 9

and the staff of Session 9

                                                Breakfast on the Parade Field is always fun!

Some lost and found..

Dance class

Sumo wrestling?

Swim class.

Closing Chapel Ceremony.

and the very popular Slip-N-Slide!

We do have just a couple questions for you, so please either leave your answers in the comments or email us at

We normally have some lost and found left over at the end of the summer, some from the last session and other items from earlier in the summer.  One such item is pictured below. Is it yours?   If you are the owner or if you know who is, please let us know in the comments or by emailing us.


The second question is we're thinking of reviving an autumn tradition of a Fall Family Day (started by former director and now Board member, Beth Hodos).   Who's interested?   It would likely be on a Saturday in October, perhaps the 13th?  The fall foliage should be near peak, so it may be a nice drive to camp as well.  Please let us know.

Thank you!