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Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Harmon Pond at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

Harmon Pond is a Great Pond!  According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection,  Harmon Pond, which is located on the 500+ acres we call Camp Wa Wa Segowea, is classified as a great pond.  Of course, we could have told them that as it's a major part of what we enjoy about camp!   But according to the DEP, a great pond is defined as "any pond or lake that contained more than 10 acres in its natural state".   And we qualify as the current pond is about 23 acres in size.  It wasn't always this size though.  Back in 1829, it was 33 acres!  That's according to "A History of the County of Berkshire, Massachusetts" by David Dudleyfield, Chester Dewey and Berkshire Association.  So it looks like we lost about 10 acres in 182 years!

These days, Harmon Pond remains a spring fed pond full of wildlife.  According to that same "History" book, it even has an impact on nearby Umpachene Falls.  The Umpachene River (which is really a stream and a tributary of the Housatonic River nearby) receives some runoff from Harmon Pond as well as various wetlands in the area.   What is a little confusing is there's another Harmon Pond in Massachusetts, up near Williamstown.  That one however is a reservoir for that area.

Harmon Pond is the main source for a good portion of our favorite camp activities- boating and swimming as well as a few others.  Here's a few pictures through the years that feature our beautiful waterway!

From the morning time...

to Campers Capers- emptying the boats.

to swim class...

to swimming with Family Camp...

to just enjoying the water...

as well as the beach!

Even some synchronized swimming!

Can't forget the rope swing...

And we're always guarding- on the rafts...

and in boats...

Then there's fishing...

The pond is full of them- pickerel, bass, sunfish, carp, etc.

There's an enjoyable rowboat ride..

maybe a sailing adventure?

or a canoe ride...

It's a big enough pond!

There's even a few kayaks...

and always guarding...

Of course you will learn how to swamp a canoe!

But for serenading, you're on your own.

The pond comes in handy, for rowing tent platforms to the site across the lake, for example.

or even waterskiing (but it's an old picture!)

A former water toy...

It's really good for frog catching!

It's fun in the winter too as the ice gets really thick.

Just right for ice fishing!

Come Spring, it slowly melts away.

and turns into this!

Can't beat the foliage in the fall.

Some are year round residents..

And some just know where to go to cool off...

There's a flora too-  this one called Potamogeton praelongus wulf, otherwise known as pondweed!

and another- Linnea or "Twin Flowers".

And there's plenty of these!

Some of Harmon Pond ends up here- Umpachene Falls

It's gorgeous when the water is still

at dusk...

and especially when you're just watching it from a favorite location.

It truly is a Great Pond!

A couple of upcoming happenings to remind you or make you aware of- The October Work weekend is quickly approaching.  It's happening next weekend, October 22nd & 23rd and we could use your help!  There's still plenty to do at camp to wrap up things for the year.  If you can make it for the day, the weekend or even just a few hours, let us know.  Contact Norm at camp at 413-229-9110.

Also, we're finalizing the camp calendar for 2012 and could still use some pictures from this summer.  If you have some that you would like to submit, please do so!  We need them by next week as well- October 21st.  Please email them to Boo Van Alstyne at  Thanks!