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Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 Weeks into the camp season already!

Kids are enjoying and contributing to the magic of Camp Wa Wa Segowea once again. We're three weeks in to the season, but still have 4 more sessions to sign up for! Activities such as Let's Make a Deal, Fun & Games, The Olympics and Carnival have all taken place with more to come, including Halloween in July! In the mean time, here's some pictures of the since finalized camp kitchen (since the last post) as well as some Carnival shots from 3rd Session.

The new Walk-in Cooler/Freezer.

Inside the new kitchen

Inside the new kitchen. Some older equipment and some new ones!

The new storage area. (No longer having to go upstairs all the time!)

From the carnival-
Minna enjoying a early evening snack of some pie!

Face painting at the Carnival with Karen.

Getting it just right!

Dave, the recipient of "Dunk A Counselor"

Camp Director Stuart trying out the Smell, Taste and Feel unknown items booth with Laurel & Nava.

The Carnival Night Favorite- Mud Wrestling with DJ & Jacob!

The forehead says it all!

3rd Session 2010 Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Top Ten Best things about Re-opening YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea

So here's what we came up with that make up the top 10 things about re-opening Camp Wa Wa Segowea. In the comments, feel free to leave your top moments about the re-opening!

#10- Seeing all the docks and boats where they are SUPPOSED to be!

# 9- The camp dogs- Cole, Fudgina, Goldie and Tyler have plenty of opportunities for scratches behind the ears, and a lot more table scraps!

# 8- The Camp Kitchen and Staff become the most popular places in camp again! And to see 25 Pound bags of flour and 50 pound bags of potatoes going into the kitchen and great, tasty food coming out is wonderful!

#7 - Place after place, building after building, Norm has left not only his mark, but that mark is totally refurbished, reconstructed and redone with long term use in mind. Extraordinary doesn't define the work Norm has done. It truly is a miracle!

#6 - Spontaneous Dance parties can happen once again (and will at any time!)

#5 - See the front steps of the lodge being used once again with daily use, for hanging out and the steps into the best building on the land. Everyone always fits at Segowea and everyone always fits on the front steps of the lodge.

#4 - Using all your senses at one time, in the night, under the stars, usually on the parade field. You see the overabundance of stars, smell the evening meal and the fresh cut grass, hear nature all around us, feel the grass under us and taste a bit of "camp" whatever it might be for you, in the air.

#3 - The chance for all to come again and be who you really are, and who you are meant to be.

#2- To see a plan come together. The leadership provided a plan including step by step instructions on how to open a summer camp. Hiccups occurred and potholes were felt, but we knew we were all headed in the right direction. We followed the plan, altered the plan and then altered it some more. But we saw the plan come together. We're reliving the past and changing the future at the same time here at camp.

And the top best thing about re-opening Camp Wa Wa Segowea is

#1- KIDS! The singing, the playing, the learning and the growing. Camp is meant for kids to enjoy the magic. Kids need to go to summer camp. Kids need to go to WA WA!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea is officially open!

Kids are swimming, kids are boating. They're learning archery, they're playing soccer. They're singing, they're laughing all at Wa Wa once again! After being vacant since September of 2005, there's been a tremendous amount of time, construction, money and work all put in to get us where we are today- Camp Segowea being open for business!

We're calling it the Miracle on Harmon Pond as it is just that. From January of 2009 till now, with assistance from the Capital District YMCA, the camping leadership of George Painter , the help of Camp Directors Toby Hettler and Stuart Schultz , the unbelievable talent of Facilities Director Norm Button, the guidance of the Smith Park Board and alumni, friends and family members all performing their roles are why this opening of camp truly is a miracle.

The Wa Wa Spirit is alive and well, in the local community (where many donated their time and efforts to help), in the 2010 Camp Staff (where the normal staff week prior to camp opening became Staff Two and a half weeks!), and alumni working (and spending morning afternoon and night) to get it all done.

It is indeed a great accomplishment to look back and admire and we need to do just that. We also need now to share the story. Tell your family, your friends, your neighbors- Send Your Kids to Camp! Encourage all to be a part of the historical return of YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea!