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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Segowea October 10th Weekend Extravaganza

What a great way to wrap up our fall season at Segowea!
First we kicked it off with a board meeting in the morning, then a Smith Park annual meeting in the afternoon, before our Volunteer Thank You Dinner in the evening. Plus a scattering of work projects inbetween. Besides cooking and setting up for the thank you meal, volunteers also pulled in a few boats back to the lodge, got all the windows of the lodge and dining hall put back in, and even found time to stake out a few potential cabin locations in the new village area. Thank you volunteers!

"Move left Lisha, now back up, okay Liz, over, over, more to the right... "

Darlene Ward sharing Smith Park updates at the annual meeting.

Tom Harvey directing the largest "Cat's Cradle" camp has seen in years, while John Fisher is ready for any early season Vampires with his collection of wooden stakes.

Cooks extraordinaire! Thank you Richard for being our grilling specialist and to Sarah, Mike and Amy for setting up and cooking. And a big thank you to Lily (not in the photo) for buying and bringing the yummy food.

George sharing the current plans with alumni. For any not at the summer reunion, a model of the new dining hall and welcome center is centered in the photo.

Speaking of the new dining hall, we expect to begin pouring concrete for the basement foundation later this month and will send out invitations to everyone to come join us and lend a hand if interested. We hope to see you again soon.