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Friday, March 29, 2013

It's time to register for the summer at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

The time to register for camp is now!  In exactly three months from tomorrow, children will begin exploring the outdoors once again at camp.  They'll try new activities, as well as brush up on some old skills.  They'll swim.  They'll sing some songs.  They'll learn a few things and they'll have a lot of fun!    But they need to register first!  

Why send your kids to Segowea?   All campers at Camp Wa Wa Segowea actively participate as part of a community, and are accepted for who they are.  They will experience new things, and receive plenty of guidance along the way.  They will make new friends and laugh often.  When it's time for choosing where to send your child to summer camp, a tried and true method is hearing what past campers had to say- 

"I like how everyone in my cabin became friends. Throughout the week, my cabin became my family."

"Wa Wa Segowea is an amazing experience.  It's a lot of opportunities to take advantage of."

The 2013 camp season starts on June 30th and goes till August 17th.  Session 1 is a one week session, and then is followed by 3-  2 week sessions.  Check out the full schedule here.

"The camp is beautiful, especially the chapel and the lake."

"I've never gone fishing before because I live in the city.  But I learned how here and caught three fish!"

                       "We all get to know each other really well."

                    "Camp Wa Wa is awesome, and stuff like that."

Camp Wa Wa Segowea is a traditional camp and has been for 100 years.  That means campers connect with nature and with each other.  It means skill classes of archery and arts & crafts are offered.  It means plenty of time for building friendships, exploring the nearly 500 acres on which the camp resides, and time for a boat ride or two.

                         "I love all the people here.   They make it what it is."

For the older kids, there's the Leader in Training (LIT) Program, where teens with the ambition to lead will spend parts of each day exploring and expanding their skills under the direction of experienced staff, with opportunities to put their new skills into action by assisting staff with our younger campers. 

                       "I really like this place.  Everyone has a smile on their face."

There's an "early bird discount" for those that register before April 15th.  See the full rates here.   For those that want to see the camp in person, visit us at the Camp Open House and Family Fun Day!  That will be on April 14th from 12:00-3:00 pm.  No reservations necessary. We're located at the end of Foley Hill Road in Southfield, Mass.  For directions, click here.   

                                 "I love how happy I am when I'm here."

So what's your child doing this summer? 

Register here

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little bit of everything here at Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  So as we're in the middle of the month, where does that leave us?  Half lion and half lamb?  That sounds about right as there's still snow on the ground, and the signs of spring are greatly anticipated.  Before we know it, the ice will be off Harmon Pond.  Buds will be on the trees, and the sound of children having fun will soon be upon us.   It's been a very active late winter/early spring for all involved with camp.  You could even say we're all busy as beavers!

Just like the beavers are hustling, building their home from the ground up, we are busy in developing what we believe is the best summer camp out there!    Smith Park and our partner, the Northwest CT Y,  are diligently strengthening every aspect of Camp Segowea.  The agreement between the two parties states "we will continue to collaborate on ensuring a successful and meaningful camp experience for generations to come".   We can't tell you how excited we both are to continue to offer this wonderful magical place to children, especially in our 100th Anniversary year!   

So what's happening now?  A lot!  First and foremost, registration for the summer is open! You can register online right now at  You can register for both Resident Camp and Day Camp on the site.  You can also contact the Camp Registrar,  Felice Axelrod at 860-489-3133 Ext 500 or if you have questions.    

2nd on our list of happenings is the Segowea 65!  It's in the 5th year now, having grown every year and raising over $2500 for camp.  It's the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament and it's almost time to make your picks.  You'll be able to make your picks starting Sunday night, March 17th (when all the teams are finalized).  But make sure your picks are in by noon Thursday March 21st!    Everything is done online, so visit the Friends of Segowea site for all the info-

Next up is our first Open House and Family Fun Day on Sunday April 14th from 12 Noon to 3:00 pm.  Camp Director Joshua Scott will be there.  There'll be tours of the facilities and you can take part in fun games and activities!  

Coming in May we'll have the 4th Annual Wa Wa Wally Waddle (May 12th) and in August, our 100th Anniversary Celebration- "A Century of Community" Reunion (Aug 3-4th), but we'll be telling you more about those in the next few posts.  

We want to thank those that came out on March 2nd to the Smith Park Annual Meeting.  At the meeting, we heard Chairman of Smith Park of New York, John Fisher give some opening remarks.  Treasurer Linda MacIsaac gave the finance report, Secretary Darlene Ward gave the governance report, and Vice President Mike Bruns gave the marketing report.  We then heard from Northwest Connecticut YMCA CEO Greg Brisco who introduced Jay Cohen, the Director of the YMCA Winsted Branch and new Camp Wa Wa Segowea Director Joshua Scott.  Greg, Jay and Josh all were very happy to be there and chatted with all who came. 
You could feel the excitement in the air as everyone was discussing camp!

Here's some pictures from that event.