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Monday, October 15, 2012

Camp Wa Wa Segowea- More Fall Happenings!

It's October 15th and just one week remains in the Camp Wa Wa Segowea: A Century of Community T-Shirt design contest!   Have you submitted your design yet?  Yes, that's great!  No? The deadline is October 23rd, so get designing!  The T-shirt image will also be used for the "Save the date" postcards to be sent out.  What will the design be?  The lodge?  the waterfront?  the chapel?  Maybe something totally unique?  Or perhaps a combination of a few things?  Keep in mind the theme is our 100th Anniversary of Camp Wa Wa Segowea- A Century of Community and thus the design should be related to it.  Send designs to  Get your design in!

It is October 15th and we wanted to give you an update on what's happening here at Camp Wa Wa Segowea.  The Smith Park Board has sent out a Letter of Interest (seen in last months post -- to many, many places.   We've received not only some replies of interest, but also several offers to assist us "in any way possible" from our close by neighbor summer camps.  We're very encouraged through this process by these offers as well as the dedication of the volunteers and alumni comments made to us.   We are sifting through these replies, coordinating camp tours and readying our RFP (Request for Proposal) for the next step.   If you do have any questions regarding this, please ask!  Send them to 

This weekend, October 20th and 21st, is the last work weekend of the camp year and you are invited to attend!  A lot of the "closing procedures" have been done, but there's still things to do.  One big project consists of replacing Raymond Cabin's roof.  Raymond Cabin is a staff cabin and is one of the nicer buildings on the camp grounds.  (It's also the one I stayed in this summer and I can personally tell you, the roof leaks!)  This big project means we need a lot of help to accomplish this needed task!  Other projects include painting as well as moving the last few items to storage for the winter.    The tough tasks of pulling in the swim docks and putting the shutters up in the lodge and the dining hall are already done, so we don't have to worry about them.  So come up for a couple hours, for the day or the whole weekend.   We promise you won't have to work the entire time!  If you plan on coming, please let us know. Reply to  It's a great chance to see the camp, perhaps show it off to your friends (invite them up!) and get some work done.  The leaves have just about all changed or fallen, but it's still gorgeous!

Here's some pictures taken the last couple of weekends. 

And a look at "Page Lodge" just about completed!