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Saturday, January 18, 2014

It’s Camp Wa Wa Segowea 101!

We’ve begun the 101st season at YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea!  

It’s been a cold winter here at camp with the year round residents still mainly sleeping.  Harmon Pond is frozen, but the snowbanks have generally melted.  It is still mid-January though and we can be sure to expect more precipitation!  

There’s a few updates of camp we’d like to share and the first is it’s time to register for camp!  Registration is now open online (here).  Just like last year, we’re offering early bird rates (if you register by February 28th), but this year the savings is even better!  By choosing the dates to attend camp now, you can save money no matter which session or option you select.    We’ve also continued the referral credits that began last year.  As a thank you for any new (did not attend last year) enrolled campers that you refer to camp this summer, you'll be credited $100 each ($50 for a Day Camp registration) toward your summer camp fees!  Full details are found on the camp website.

The second update is that we’re offering a couple of new options this summer!  For the older campers, we’re offering Senior Options Camp (or SOC).  SOC’s program is for boys and girls, ages 15-16, and will be a combination of outdoor experiences with service projects in camp and around the community.  They’ll go on hiking trips, canoe trips and overnight trips and will have a role in selecting and planning these trips and projects.   Another option for the older campers will be something we’re calling Excursion Camp and that will take place at the beginning and the end of the summer.  Stay tuned for more details on that!

Another update you may or may not be aware of-  We are ACA accredited once again!  Last year, not only was it the first year of operation of camp for the Northwest CT Y, the hard work of ACA Accreditation was taken on!  And we made it!  Congrats to the team that took on this herculean task.  According to the website of the The American Camp Association (ACA), they accredit over 2,400 camps.
"As a leading authority in youth development, ACA works to preserve, promote, and improve the camp experience.   ACA-Accredited® camps meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality."

 Why should a parent care about accreditation?  The ACA says it all. To read about it click here- 

                                          Here's what it says about us on the ACA website-

So now you know we’re accredited and you can register and save money, but why Wa Wa?  Why did you choose this camp?  Why should you choose this camp?  What did you think of your camp experience?  Those are questions we’ve asked previous campers and we received a few responses we'd like to share.

“On the first day, I kind of liked it. We did crazy stuff and it was really fun. I really love this camp and would come back every year.”

“It’s my first year here and my favorite part has been the amazing people and I enjoyed meeting all of you.  You guys really make this experience what it is.  You guys are so nice.”

“I’ve been coming here the past three years and my family’s been coming here and they loved it. I never really went to summer camp before and I really enjoyed this. I’m so grateful to be here”.

“I love how happy I am when I’m here.”

“It’s small enough, you can bond with everyone.”

“I love the kind of person this camp brings out in everyone.”

“I love it here.  It’s real nice.  We play a lot of games.  We go swimming. You make a lot of new friends. What more do you want?”

More and more kids come to Camp Wa Wa Segowea and find out things about themselves.  They grow in different ways.  They learn things that surprise them.  They accomplish more than they thought they could.  They make friends of all ages.  Camp becomes a part of them!  That's why they choose Camp Wa Wa Segowea!

We recently came across some pictures from the past era’s of camp and want to share just a few here on the blog.  Look for more in some upcoming posts.  These are from the 1940's.

See you at camp!